"Products and services for the exploration of data"

Helping your business

Aduna offers products and services that help to improve your business:

  • Cluster Map: A new way to explore data in your project or product. See your data visualised in clusters and see how they relate.
  • Audit plans: We audit your project to see if it meets the new standards and ideas for Linked Data and Semantic Web.
  • Sesame consulting: Aduna offers semantic web consulting services based on the Sesame platform.

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Help people finding data

Aduna develops new ways of exploring data. No more unmanageable long results list, but a visual and rich exploration environment that helps the user to find information better, faster, with more precision and overview.

Aduna products and technology are succesfully used to solve complex IT-related problems in the following markets:

  • Cultural Heritage: Linking museum online object collections with minimal impact on the existing systems.
  • Financial Services: Analyzing unstructured data in documents in order to make smarter business decisions.
  • E-commerce: Smart filtering for webshops that turns visitors into buyers by offering them a rich exploration space that helps them express their needs.
  • E-discovery: Searching large repositories with heterogeneous information is a complex task. Ease of use is created by visualising information.
  • E-publishing: Exploration of large information spaces with help of thesauri and information visualisation.

Guided exploration of data

Aduna architecture Cluster Maps are a new way of visualising search results. Instead of a long list, sorted by relevance, you'll see a map with items, like documents, web pages, e-mails, represented as small colored spheres.

  • Rich exploration: Guided exploration is a powerful method that helps you in a very pragmatic way. Instead of an empty search box, you get a rich exploration environment that helps you defining your question. Build your question in small steps, drill down to your goal, or explore related information.
  • Data properties and relations: Aduna technology allows the user to express a query in terms of data properties. It shows relations with other properties. For example: "Give me all documents written by this author and show me when they were written and what documents formats were used."
  • Link it together: Guided exploration is very useful for enterprise information management. Use Aduna technology for advanced exploration on top of your existing enterprise sources. Link existing sources together.