Cluster Map

"Ready for integration in your project or product"

Powerful information visualisation

Aduna architecture The Cluster Map contains information visualization technology developed at Aduna for visualizing sets of categorized objects. Its main purpose is to show if and how these sets overlap, very similar in nature to Venn diagrams and Euler diagrams.

Inspect search results

The Cluster Map is featured prominently in Intella, an application by Vound LLC for forensic and e-discovery investigations, where it is used to visualize and interact with search results.


  • Creating visualizations of collections of hierarchically classified objects
  • Can be used to visualize instantiated taxonomies or concept hierarchies
  • Suited for creating tailor-made, interactive visualizations
  • Java class library
  • Components for the construction of Java Swing-based user interfaces

More information

The Cluster Map library is sold as a separate library ready to be integrated in your project of product. Please contact the sales department if you want more information on Aduna software.