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Cornerstone of the Semantic Web

Sesame logoSesame is a fast and scalable RDF database. It serves as one of the building blocks of the Semantic Web (a.k.a. "Web 3.0"). Sesame is based on open standards developed by W3C and is available under a liberal Open Source license (BSD).

Aduna leads the Open Source development effort on Sesame and related technologies. For commercial applications we offer professional support, consultancy and training to help you make the most of this enabling technology.



Sesame has been designed with flexibility in mind. It can be deployed on top of a variety of storage systems, including relational databases, in-memory data structures, filesystems, etc. It offers a large array of tools to developers to leverage the power of the Semantic Web, such as a flexible access API that supports both local and remote access (through a RESTful HTTP interface), and several query languages.


  • Highly scalable RDF storage.
  • Fast upload of RDF triple.
  • High query performance.
  • Support for several RDF query languages including SPARQL and SeRQL.
  • Native store for scalable storage and querying with reliable persistence Support for several back-end stores, including Mulgara, AllegroGraph, Bigdata, Virtuoso.


Sesame is developed by a community of developers and users, lead by Aduna engineers. Look at for more information.